Media Library and Your Privacy

Service Description and Purposes of Data Collection

The Media Library is a digital library platform that uses LightRocket, an asset management system, to store digital media assets (such as photos, videos, graphics, etc.) for the use of Member Organizations of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM), public media, authorised volunteers, World Scout Foundation, any organization with Consultative Status with the World Scout Committee, World Scout Shop, hosts of any World Events, WSB staff members, any official affiliates of WOSM, and any other third-party who is authorised by the World Scout Bureau to promote WOSM.

All photographs and depictions uploaded onto the Media Library are property of the World Scout Bureau.

Processors and Storage of Personal Data

The processor is:

World Scout Bureau Association
Rue Henri-Christiné 5
CH-1211 Geneva 4 Plainpalais

which is the legal entity representing the World Organization of the Scout Movement, and registered in Geneva, Switzerland with Registry of Commerce Registration No. CH-660.0.195.970-0.

Any information collected (including personal data) is stored on the servers of the Amazon Web Services, Inc. in Frankfurt, Germany. All personal data provided is stored to identify the users on the platform and as a security measure to understand who has access and/or rights to upload and download media assets.

Data Privacy Policy of the World Organization of the Scout Movement

Effective date: 25 May 2018


Your Privacy Matters

The purpose of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) is to contribute to the development of young people in achieving their full physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual potentials as individuals, as responsible citizens and as members of their local, national and international communities. In order to further this purpose and to protect the privacy of Scouts and affiliates worldwide, the World Scout Bureau (WSB) takes data privacy of everyone affiliated with WOSM very seriously.

We use all reasonable precautions in how your personal data is collected, stored, processed and managed so that you may enjoy the services provided to you without your personal data being compromised.

By providing your personal information to WOSM in whatever your capacity, you can rest assured that security measures are in place and operational standards are being adhered to so that your personal data is kept safe and that they are only used for the purposes for which they were intended.

Do we use 'cookies'?

  • Data we collect
    • “Personal data” is defined as any information related to a natural person that can be used to directly or indirectly identify the person.
    • Providing any information, including personal data, is completely voluntary. However, if you do not provide us with your personal data or if you delete any essential data prior to the conclusion of the intended purpose, we will not be able to carry out the activities or processes covered by this Data Privacy Policy, causing disruptions to the Service provided to you and associated activities.
  • Data Controller

    The data controller is:
    World Scout Bureau Association
    (Geneva Registry of Commerce Registration No. CH-660.0.195.970-0)
    Rue Henri-Christiné 5
    CH-1211 Geneva 4 Plainpalais

  • Security & confidentiality
    • All World Scout Bureau staff and authorised individuals are trained to handle your personal data with care and confidentiality.
    • We will not share or transfer your personal data to any partners of the WSB or any third-party, unless you are first notified of the reason(s) and one of the following applies:
      • required in another contract between you and the World Scout Bureau,
      • explicitly authorized by you in writing,
      • part of an ongoing legal proceeding requiring such information, or
      • required by law.
    • We undertake all appropriate measures and follow our standard operating procedures to ensure an adequate level of security when collecting, storing, processing and managing your personal data.
  • Right of access, correction and deletion
    • In providing us with your personal data, you have:
      • the right to access your personal data stored on the servers without any charge,
      • the right to correct any incorrect or outdated personal data, and
      • the right to delete your personal data.
    • Some data deleted by you may not be permanently removed from the servers or back-ups immediately, particularly in relation to processing for which there may be legitimate business interest reasons, HR requirements, or is otherwise required to be retained for audit or compliance purposes. In case of doubt, you should instruct the World Scout Bureau to permanently remove your personal data from the relevant servers by contacting the World Scout Bureau at
    • All authorised individuals given access to your personal data will be instructed to permanently delete and/or destroy all downloaded or printed personal data when the stated purpose for which it has been provided is no longer applicable.
    • When personal data is being processed solely for achiving purposes, historical research purposes or statistical purposes, such personal data may be stored in perpetuity.
    • You may exercise your rights stated in Article 4(a) above by simply logging into the relevant system and make changes at your discretion. In the event that logging in is not possible, please contact the World Scout Bureau at and provide instructions. We may have to ask you to verify your identity before we will be able to execute your instructions.
  • Security breach

    In the event of a breach of security leading to the accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorised disclosure of, or access to, personal data, the WSB will promptly assess the risk to your rights and if appropriate report this breach to the appropriate supervisory authority.

  • Contact the World Scout Bureau

    If you have any questions relating to the processing of your personal data, data privacy rights or this Data Privacy Policy, please contact the World Scout Bureau

    By email:
    By post:     World Scout Bureau
    Rue Henri-Christiné 5
    PO Box 91
    CH-1211 Geneva 4 Plainpalais

  • Applicable Laws and Regulations

    WSB is committed to complying with the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act (DPA) and the provisions of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).